Coins For Anything, Inc. Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability Statement


The pictures and artwork requested or provided by the customer, and used by Coins For Anything, Inc. to create a custom product for the customer, could have come from a number of sources that are not controlled or maintained by Coins For Anything, Inc. or our coin production facilities. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know whether or not the pictures, symbols, logos or other artwork content on the item that is being customized by Coins For Anything, Inc is authorized for use on the item. Any legal issues that might arise from the content that the purchaser chooses to have on custom items design is 100% the customer’s responsibility, and Coins For Anything, Inc. will not be held liable for any reason if content is used illegally.


Coin die molds will remain the property of Coins For Anything, Inc., and can only be used for reorders when requested by the customer or a body that was granted authority by the customer. This is to ensure 100% control of each customer’s coin design and how many items are produced during the life of the design.

Un-insured die molds are kept for three (3) years from the time of the last production, while those with Die Mold Insurance will never be destroyed. If attempting to reorder coins after the three-year time period, a new die mold fee will be charged unless Die Mold Insurance was purchased originally.


If Coins For Anything, Inc. designers start work on a graphic design, and the customer chooses to cancel the order, the $135.00 deposit will not be refunded. If cancellation is requested after production of the die mold has commenced but the individual coins have not yet been produced, there will be an additional non-refundable fee equal to the quoted cost of the die mold. If the individual coins have been produced, the client is responsible for the entire balance of the order. Because coins are a custom product, they cannot be returned for any reason.


A design layout will not go into production until the customer gives final written approval of the coin artwork layout, spelling and PMS colors. Completed purchase orders or payment in full must be received before a customer’s completed order is shipped to its final location.


The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all orders. Prices may vary on content, number of coins and coin size. Although products purchased from Coins For Anything, Inc. are normally delivered within 3 - 6 weeks, the purchaser needs to understand that there are no guaranteed delivery dates. Coins For Anything, Inc. will not be held liable or responsible for late deliveries or lost items. We will not be liable for profit loss, cost, or any other reasons caused by missed deadlines due to shipping delays or any other uncontrollable events.


If there is an error on a coin design that was our fault at Coins For Anything, Inc., the coin will be re-made at no cost to the customer. We reserve the right to sell off its misprints, overruns and errors through various retail and wholesale outlets.


Comments sent via email or postal mail may be used as a customer testimonial within this website or marketing platforms. When sending emails or postal mail, the sender authorizes Coins For Anything, Inc. the use of any or all comments made within the email or letter.


MetalIdeaFactory.com and the Metal Idea Factory and Coins For Anything logos are registered trademarks of Coins For Anything, Inc. No portion of this website may be duplicated without the express written consent of the owner, Jeffery Morin C/O Coins For Anything, Inc., 100 Industrial Drive, Fredericksburg VA, 22408.