Batus Medevac Commemorative Coin

By Simon Longworth

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Friday, January 05, 2018

About This Project

Hi everyone. Let me explain this a little better.

All you have to do it click the "Pre Order Here" button and pay $10 to pre-order your coin. The funds WILL NOT come out of your account unless all 150 coins are pre-ordered. The project needs a minimum of 150 Pre-orders for the company: to start production.

Don't worry about what the website says for delivery costs - all you pay is $10 and that INCLUDES DELIVERY.

I am a serving soldier in 29 Flight and have set up this project so that past and present members of the flight can hold on to something as a keepsake of their time in the flight. Coins are rapidly becoming something of a collectors item, and I want to see that for the flight.

All the best


About The Creator
  • Can you tell me what the process is?

    Of course. All you have to do if you want a coin is click pre-order. You will then be directed to make an account and submit your payment details. You can order as many as you wish at $10 per coin. If 150 pre-order, the coin will be produced and shipped to you. This will take 6 weeks after the campaign has finished. You will not be charged unless the 150 order goal is met. It's that simple.